Feature of the Month-Zygocactus

The word “Zygocactus” is often used to refer to this plant, but merely describes the manner in which the joints are connected and is of no taxonomical importance. Zygocacti are actually Schlumbergera hybrids( correct botanical name) between Schlumbergera truncatus and Schlumbergera bridgesii, and are also known as Schlumbergera X ‘Buckleyii’ .

Schlumbergera truncatus blooms closer to Thanksgiving while Schlumbergera bridgesii blooms closer to Christmas, but through hybridization there is now much overlapping of blooming times. Schlumbergera are epiphytes (tree-dwelling) originating in montainous rainforests of Brazil , and as such, enjoy perfect drainage.

Reproducing this culture will help to ensure the health of your plant. Zygos require a slightly acidic, very porous soil with excellent drainage that never allows the plants to become waterlogged. Zygos should be watered thoroughly when soil surface is dry to the touch, but it is best that the lower portion of the soil is never allowed to dry completely.

Excellent as hanging basket plant on a sheltered patio, or can be brought indoors in a bright area with excellent airflow.

Enjoy a profusion of butterfly-like flowers in a multitude of colors from late October through early January.