Nomination for Industry Icon of the Year 2022-2023

Beginning in 1980, the Association began a tradition of paying tribute to an individual who has dedicated extraordinary efforts and time unselfishly for the betterment of the floriculture industry. We are requesting your participation in the selection of our Industry Icon for 2022-2023. Please take the time to nominate an individual who deserves this special recognition! The award will be presented at our Annual Meeting and Installation Banquet in June 2023.

Previous Recipients

1980-81 Robert O Weston
1981-82 Andrew Mauro
1982-83 David Thompson
1983-84 Paul Ecke, Sr.
1984-85 Marilu Johnson
1985-86 John Lauro
1986-87 Tanya Edgar
1987-88 Mike Mellano, Sr.
1988-89 Edwin Frazee
1989-90 Lewis Thornton
1990-91 None
1991-92 Elmer Fisher
1992-93 Dave Pruitt
1993-94 Paul Ecke, Jr.

1994-95 Evelyn Weidner
1995-96 Eric Larson
1996-97 Edgar Engert
1997-98 Janet Silva Kister
1998-99 Bob Echter
1999-00 Michael A. Mellano
2000-01 Jerry Church, John Rader
2001-02 Eric Anderson
2002-03 Val Mellano, Karen Robb, Diane DeJong
2003-04 Kathleen Thuner
2004-05 Tony Godfrey
2005-06 Chuck Ades
2006-07 Jim & Kathye Reitkerk
2007-08 Tribute

2008-09 Tom McGregor
2009-10 Ken & Deena Altman
2010-11 David Pattison
2011-12 Nancy Farrand, Jim Farrand
2012-13 Jim Bethke
2013-14 Steve Clarke
2014-15 Brian & Helga Fritz
2015-16 Alissa Adams-Simmons
2016-17 Jack Reid 2017-18 Jan Hall
2018-19 René van Rems 2019-20 Julian Duval
2020-21 None
2021-22 Gene Richau

Please complete the following page with as much factual detail as possible. Include dates or years of participation where applicable.

The deadline for your nomination is May 1,2023.